Citizenship At KEHS


Delighted to go to KEHS in Edgbaston Park Rd this afternoon to talk about Citizenship and decision making to the girls.

They will now be embarking on a project which will involve them in decision making, and I look forward to seeing the results of their endeavours at the end of this school term.



Roman Way TMO Continuation Ballot


Amazingly it’s now five years since the residents of the Roman Way Estate voted to have their estate managed by a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). And therefore it is now time for a reballot to ensure the residents wish the TMO to remain in place.

Last night there was a barbecue and entertainment event by Thirlmere House which Cllr Fergus Robinson and I attended – where residents could find out more about the TMO.

Staff and TMO officers were on hand to answer residents’ questions about how the TMO works and to show off some of the many successes they have had – eg: in carrying out repairs first time and speedily (often using their own estate based team), estate regularly litter picked, appearance of estate enhanced, etc.

The ballot papers were also sent out yesterday – along with full instructions as to where to return the ballot.

The result will be announced at the end of September.

HLB Noticeboard On The Priory Estate

This morning I met with Edgbaston HLB members to install the map in the new noticeboard which has been situated in Foster Way (on the Priory Estate). The noticeboard was paid for by Edgbaston HLB.

The purpose of the board is to display a map of the lay out of the estate as is can be very confusing for visitors.

An excellent initiative by the HLB!



New Ward Boundaries Announced

Leaflet 005

After months of consultation the new ward boundaries have finally been announced. There will be 101 Councillors for Birmingham after 2018 (instead of the 120 currently). Some wards will be represented by one Councillor, and some wards (including Edgbaston) will be represented by two.

Edgbaston Ward will remain largely the same as now with two changes. Firstly, everything north of the Hagley Road will go into a new ward called North Edgbaston. This is a much better name for the new ward than Summerfield (which was the Boundary Commission’s original suggestion) so I am glad they have made this name change.

Secondly, the Benmore Estate and Speedwell Road will go into a new ward called Balsall Heath West.

Everything else in Edgbaston Ward remains the same.

There will be no elections in 2017, and the new ward boundaries will not come into effect until the local elections in 2018. Until then, everything remains the same with Edgbaston being represented by three Councillors – myself, Matt Bennett and Fergus Robinson.


Lee Crescent Trip Rail Installed

The Lee Crescent ┬átrip rail was installed this week – and is looking very neat and tidy.

All this summer I have been receiving complaints from concerned residents about vehicles parking or driving partly or wholly on the grass in Lee Crescent.

With lorries driving right across the open area on occasions (and residents sending me the photographs to prove it) thereby causing dangerous ruts in the grass, I lobbied Council for some action. The Parks Dept agreed that the situation could not continue and that a trip rail should be installed. The top section has been installed this week. The remainder will be done when further funding is identified.

Meanwhile sorting out some parking regulations in Lee Crescent & Ryland Road remains one of the Councillors’ top priorities and we are in discussions about it.

trip rail 002.JPG

trip rail 003.JPG

Speed Camera Switch On

The speed cameras mentioned in the post below, will, be switched on next Monday, August 8th.

The routes covered in Edgbaston are:

Hagey Rd (between Portland Rd and Lordswood Rd) and Bristol Rd (between Priory Rd and Speedwell Road).

The speed limit on both these stretches of road is 30 mph.

The intention is that the cameras will be operational for 5 years with an initial 21 month evaluation phase to test the system’s effectiveness.



Digital Speed Enforcement In Edgbaston

Very shortly the new digital speed enforcement system on the Hagley Rd and Bristol Rd in Edgbaston, will be going live.

You may have already noticed the cameras eg: outside the Hallmark Strathallen Hotel on the Hagley Road (pictured).


The system will check the average speed of motorists as they travel through a given area. If a car is deemed to have travelled from the beginning of the zone to the end of the zone too quickly, then the vehicle’s speed must have been over the speed limit and enforcement action will follow.