Phone Bank For Andy Street

Busy phone bank for Andy Street this week. Good to see former Edgbaston Councillor James Hutchings part of the team.


Knock & Phone


As we continue our Andy Street doorstep surveying this week in Edgbaston, it’s good to see regular Andy Street phone bank sessions have started this week too. Getting the New Year off to a flying start!

Andy Street Campaign


While we were out campaigning for Andy Street in Edgbaston yesterday, Andy was out in Billesley (above) and there were numerous other campaign teams out all across the region, asking people for their views about Andy’s plan for the West Midlands.

Campaigning For Andy Street In Edgbaston


Edgbaston Conservatives were out campaigning  in the ward for Andy Street today Рdelivering and collecting his survey forms. Lots of support on the doorsteps for Andy Street to be our first West Midlands Mayor!

Don’t Forget When Out Partying…


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Improving Road Safety At Templefield Square

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Today Edgbaston Cllrs Fergus Robinson, Matt Bennett and I checked out the new double yellow lining at Templefield Square.

These lines were requested by local residents to help improve safety for those exiting the shoppers’ car park at Templefield Square. It’s clear in the Highway Code that motorists should not park right up to junctions, but people continually do. That means those people coming out of the junction (in this case the car park exit) cannot see what traffic is approaching on the main road because the parked cars block their view, and effectively they have to exit “blind” which is very dangerous.

The new double yellow lines at Templefield Square should therefore help improve road safety by ensuring those people exiting the shoppers’ car park can now see traffic approaching down Wheeleys Road.



Christmas Rubbish Collections


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