Labour’s Awful Record On Fly Tipping

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Amount of fly tipping increases – yet the number of enforcement cases falls. That’s Birmingham Labour for you.


Unemployment Down


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Edgbaston Awakes!


Today was the culmination of our ward’s Community Arts Project – Edgbaston Awakes! – organised by Artscoop and funded through our ward LIF money.

Four groups of adult residents have been taking part – based at the Karis Centre, Woodview Community Centre, Stone Road Centre and Martineau Gardens.

The four groups have been working on their own projects, but today was a grand get together and bus tour around the ward for everyone to see everyone else’s work.

I caught up with them at the Martineau Gardens site in Priory Road, where I was able to try out the bench which that group created. Using wood from a fallen oak tree at the site, they learned carving and then willow weaving skills to make this fantastic bench which will remain at the Gardens for visitors to see and use.

An excellent well organised and well supported project, congratulations to everyone involved!


Flight Path Changes From Runway 33

Last night I attended Birmingham Airport’s consultation meeting in Harborne (advertised on this blog a few days ago) where there was a full presentation about changes proposed and the chance for questions.

If you didn’t go and wish to take part in the consultation please go to where there is information about the consultation, responses to frequently asked questions, and the facility for you to have your say.

Please note: there is NOT going to be a new runway. It was Sion Simon the Labour candidate for West Midlands Mayor who wanted a second runway at Birmingham Airport. So everyone who campaigned for him in May presumably wanted one too. But fortunately Sion Simon didn’t win.

The Conservatives in Birmingham remain committed to NOT having a second runway at Birmingham Airport,

This consultation is about changes to the flight path which already goes over Edgbaston. Full information on the Airport’s website. As a result of requests made at the meeting last night, the closing date of the consultation has been extended to November 16th.




Edgbaston HLB Meeting


This afternoon I went to Edgbaston’s monthly HLB meeting. Plenty to talk about on lots of topics concerning several different areas of the ward. The meeting was followed by an HLB walkabout around Barsham Close.

Conservative Women’s Organisation


Delighted to help out at a West Midlands Conservative Women’s Organisation training session this afternoon, talking about local election campaigning.

Bus Stop Rationalisation Programme

GetAttachment bus

The South Birmingham bus stop rationalisation programme (stupid name for a decision to cut out a number of bus stops) is generating a number of complaints from residents.

Several locations in Edgbaston have been affected – for example two stops in a short space have been taken out of use on the Pershore Road.

I am feeding in all the complaints to TfWM who tell me they will be visiting some of the sites with a representative of NX next week. I sincerely hope they think again and reinstate some of the bus stops they have cut.

The theory behind it (so they say) is that if you cut out little used stops, it will speed up the network. However if they were little used, it surely follows that there won’t be much time saving to be made by cutting them out – as the buses wouldn’t often have stopped there anyway. But for those residents who DID use those stops, often the elderly or infirm, it’s a life-line which has been taken away.

Think again National Express & TfWM! In order for a bus service to work, you need to pick up passengers! Cutting back on that in order to make the service quicker is just plain stupid in my opinion. If congestion is making services slower than they were (as they say), then surely the solution is to alter the timetable to fit the current traffic situation – not to cut back on the number of passengers you pick up.