Leafletting And Bin Bags


Out with the team leafletting in Edgbaston yesterday – sadly lots of bin bags and overflowing wheelie bins on the streets – the result of Labour’s bin strike. We’re not even scheduled for a collection this week – so this pile is going to be staying there for a while yet. Not impressed with Birmingham’s Labour leadership!



Birmingham Bin Strike Update


005.JPGBirmingham’s bin strike could continue until Christmas, Unite the union are threatening.

The Council’s much-heralded three week clean up ended today – and surprise, surprise, not all the city has been cleared. The idea that in three weeks the city would be cleaned up and people would notice a difference, was always a nonsense – ¬†as it is quite obvious that by the time you get to the end of the third week, the wards which were cleared in Week 1 (such as the Leader of the Council’s ward of Quinton) would have rubbish piled high again – and this was exactly the situation I saw in Quinton this morning (pictured).

What the three week clean up has actually meant is that citizens have had just one rubbish collection in three weeks – and that’s if they are lucky. It’s quite obvious from emails circulating from Councillors of all parties that some residents have been waiting an awful lot longer than that. Birmingham’s Labour leadership have never introduced a food waste system, so the household rubbish in Birmingham contains all the food waste – and is a breeding ground for maggots and rats.


T20 Cricket At Edgbaston


Great weather for last night’s T20 match between the Worcestershire Rapids and the Birmingham Bears at Edgbaston. A close result in a thrilling match with the Rapids winning by 5 runs.

Many thanks to sponsors Birmingham City University for inviting the Edgbaston Councillors along.

Different Anglez


Picture courtesy Charmaine@DifferentAnglez Twitter feed.

Great to be on Chairmaine’s DifferentAnglez politics show on New Style Radio this morning with Cllr Clements (Labour) and Cllr Jan (Lib Dem) for a round table discussion of the bin strike and various other local and national issues of the week.

Many thanks to Chairmaine for inviting me on to the panel.

Where Is Clancy?


(Picture courtesy of Neil Elkes’ Twitter.)

Where is John Clancy, the Labour Leader of Birmingham City Council? The bin strike – now five weeks old and no end in sight – is causing untold misery for residents, but there’s no sign of the Leader leading on this crucial issue.

Today I’ve been on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2, and I attended a residents’ rally outside the Council House along with Lib Dem Leader Jon Hunt, and both times I raised the question “Where is the Labour Leader?”

In my view, he should be out there listening to people, talking to people, and working all the hours there are to find a solution to this problem. Everyone knew this strike was coming, and yet Labour seem to have gone into it with no coherent plan to deal with the mayhem which was bound to ensue. Bin bags full of food waste and used nappies, rotting on the streets for 3 weeks in hot weather is a very serious matter. There are health risks, and rat numbers are likely to increase.

A recent press story had a “no comment” from the Leader, ¬†statements on this subject always seem to be made by a “Council spokesman” not a Labour politician, and Vanessa Feltz (who was sitting in for Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 today) admitted on air that they had tried to get John Clancy on the programme – but had got nowhere.

This crisis is now so bad, it’s making national news, and Birmingham is being talked about for all the wrong reasons. Our Leader needs to take a grip – and fast, or stand aside and let someone else take over.

The Jamaican Athletics Team Training In Edgbaston


Great to have the Jamaican Athletics Team training at Birmingham University in Edgbaston ahead of the World Athletics Championships in London next month, and to be invited to the Lapworth Museum on the campus earlier this week for a reception to welcome them here.

NHS Funding


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