Post Office Protest In Harborne!

The man who acts as “John Bull” is well known for leading protests about a number of issues. Recent campaigns he’s been involved with include the fight to keep the manufacturing of HP Sauce in Birmingham, and a better deal for pensioners.

Although he’s recognised across the country, “John Bull”, like me, lives in Harborne. So when he wanted to protest about the Government’s latest threat to Post Office provision, it’s not surprising he decided to mount his protest on the roof of the Post Office building in Harborne High Street. I was delighted to back him, and so my husband John (a Harborne Councillor) and I were there at 7.00am to offer our support as “John Bull” began his day long protest. The TV cameras and press were also present so no doubt “John Bull’s” exploits will be on local TV later, and in the papers tomorrow.

Harborne suffered really badly in the last round of Post Office cuts. We lost the Princes Corner branch (“John Bull” mounted a roof top protest about that one too), Moor Pool and Harborne Lane. The Ivy Bush branch, and Templefield Square in Edgbaston also closed. Now another round of cuts is coming. We don’t know yet where the axe will fall, but if the cuts are uniform across the country, we could lose another two branches in this constituency and we can’t afford to. Needless to say, no announcements will be made until after the Local Elections. Well done to “John Bull” for helping to draw attention to this very serious matter BEFORE polling day!

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