Euro Election Results

It was a late night last night as we gathered at the NIA in Birmingham for the Euro election count.

Birmingham’s votes were counted in individual constituencies, and announced in that form by the returning officer to the counting agents and the media, ahead of Birmingham’s vote as a whole being declared. The Conservatives “won” the individual constituencies of Sutton Coldfield, Edgbaston, Selly Oak and Northfield and came close in another, which was great news.

We then had to wait for the results from the other Council areas in the West Midlands region to come in, before the final result could be declared.

Conservatives won 2 seats with 28.1% of the vote. UKIP also got 2 seats with 21.3%. Labour lost one seat and are down to just one MEP in the region. They got 17% of the vote, and the Liberal Democrats also won one seat with 12%.

It was disappointing not to win a third Conservative seat, but that was always going to be difficult after the West Midlands representation was cut from 7 to 6 seats. However it was great to see Phil Bradbourn and Malcolm Harbour (pictured in the middle of this picture) returned. Our other sitting MEP, Philip Bushell-Matthews, retired at the election.

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