Busy Day!

It’s been another typically busy day today. This morning it was the monthly meeting of Birmingham Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee which I chair. One of the items on the agenda was a report on the swine flu situation. The latest figures we were given are 1,461 cases so far, including 141 new cases announced yesterday 124 of which were in the West Midlands. Because we are still in the containment phase, a number of schools in the city have been closed including Lordswood Boys School in Harborne which was closed yesterday for a week.

After the meeting I had a look at today’s Birmingham Post which has a big feature about Harborne. There are articles about Harborne past and present and information about this year’s carnival which is taking place on June 28th.

I arrived home from the Council House just as the monthly Edgbaston and Harborne Observer newspaper was being delivered. I visited their offices during Local Newspaper Week in May (pictured) and this month’s issue has an article about my visit.

After an afternoon spent dealing with emails and correspondence, at tea-time John and I took a break from work to go to a very enjoyable British Legion cheese and wine party in Edgbaston. Back home now, and it’s straight on the computer to finish off today’s casework correspondence.

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