Education At The Edge

Ten of the schools in Edgbaston and neighbouring Northfield constituency have formed themselves into a partnership called The Edge. This summer I have been to visit a number of head teachers of Edge schools, so it was very nice this morning to attend the opening of The Edge Partnership’s Open Day.

The opening took place at King Edward’s Five Ways, in Bartley Green (pictured on a previous occasion)and there was time for networking plus the opening speeches and a DVD about the partnership, before everyone broke into groups to go on tours of the various schools. Unfortunately I had to leave at that point as today was Birmingham’s monthly Full Council day so I had to be in the city centre.

The Edge partnership was formed in 2004. The schools involved are very different (and include foundation, community, voluntary aided and special schools as well as an Academy) but they work closely together on a number of issues and take strength from their common desire to improve the education and future of children across our area.

For more information about The Edge visit: http://www.EDGEPARTNERSHIP.ORG

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