Moor Pool Planning Decision

This morning I attended Birmingham City Council’s Planning meeting with residents from Moor Pool estate in Harborne. I was as angry and disappointed as they were at the decision to grant planning permission for the three applications before the committee (plus the associated demolition of garages).

Unlike the members of the Planning Committee I believe putting new houses on these pockets of land will not only NOT enhance the estate, but will be to the detriment of the character of a historic and unique part of Harborne.

There was real shock and disappointment from everyone as we left the meeting. This battle has raged for a very long time. The current plans are at least an improvement on what was put forward by the developers in the first place, but I still don’t want to see any of these pockets of land developed in this way and I am personally very disappointed at the decision which was made today.

Sadly, with the Labour Government insisting on Birmingham building more and more homes (50,000 more homes by 2026) when we don’t have the spare land to do so, I fear this kind of decision will keep happening.

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