Mixed News On Unemployment

This month’s unemployment briefing note has come rather sooner than last month’s (which I posted about on July 1st) and it contains mixed news. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Birmingham remained at 12.2% in June. This compares to a rate of 8.4% a year ago.

Birmingham’s unemployment rate remains significantly above the national average rate, and the average rate of the core cities. However Birmingham was one of four core cities to experience a fall in the unadjusted unemployment rate in June.

Within Birmingham 22 of the 40 wards experienced a fall in unemployment during June, which is good news. However within the constituency only Harborne (7.4%) and Quinton (9.8%) saw a fall in the number of claimants. In the Edgbaston Ward the claimant rate rose to 8.9% and in Bartley Green it rose to 11.2% So mixed news for our constituency on the unemployment front this month.

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