Little Known Provision Of The Lisbon Treaty

Today I joined 80 other people from the West Midlands region at a Euro election thank you party at the home of Malcolm Harbour MEP in Solihull. The Conservatives topped the poll in the Euro elections in the West Midlands region, with UKIP second and Labour third. However because of the proportional representation system used, we ended up with 2 MEPs as did second placed UKIP. Labour and the Liberals had one each. This may not be the final result though.

Make no mistake, I do NOT want the Lisbon Treaty to come into force. But if it does, one of its lesser known provisions is that some countries are to receive extra representation to balance things up, and the UK would gain an extra MEP. It has already been decided that this seat would go to the West Midlands because our region is under-represented (compared to other regions) since our number of MEPs was cut from 7 to 6 this time.

With Euro elections, there are no by-elections, so if the Lisbon Treaty did come into force and the West Midlands gained another seat, it would go to the next candidate on the list who would have become an MEP on June 4th – and that person is the Conservatives No 3 candidate Anthea McIntyre (picture here with me, Malcolm Harbour MEP and Euro candidate Mark Spelman).

In order to stop the Lisbon Treaty coming into force however, our best bet is a snap General Election. And that is all in the hands of Gordon Brown.

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