Surfing City!

As reported previously on this blog, we already have the beach and the seagulls in the centre of Birmingham – but today we had surfing as well!

Coaches from the British Surfing Association (sponsored by Calypso Aquajuice 67) and the Surf Anywhere team were in Victoria Square looking for new young surf talent to find Britain’s surfing stars of the future. They were conducting quick and simple balance tests to spot potential surf stars.

A specially constructed arena was also in place so that people of all ages could try out the latest surf sport from the USA – Street Surfing – for free. I watched a quick demonstration of it and it’s a combination of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Street Surfing on a Waveboard is apparently the closest you can get to surfing on dry land.

Unfortunately, as well as the surfing experts, we also had the water in Birmingham today. The rain has hardly stopped and therefore it was a little too slippery for those of us who are not experts to have a go at riding the Wave. So although apparently for young and old alike, and although I’m told it only takes about 15 minutes to become proficient and “ride your first wave”, I couldn’t have a go because of the weather. Well, that’s my excuse anyway!

Tomorrow the Surf Anywhere roadshow moves on to Manchester as it continues its tour around the country. Many thanks to the organisers for telling me all about it and putting on a necessarily brief demonstration in the rain!

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