Litter Pick On Waterworks Estate

Yesterday I joined residents, Environmental Wardens, police, and children who attend the Safe Haven Youth Club at the Church of the Redeemer, on a litter pick around the Waterworks Estate (Edgbaston Ward). Altogether there were over a dozen of us.

As well as collecting litter from all parts of the estate, we also removed weeds from the garden in front of the church (which was opened by William Hague MP last September).

The children joined in enthusiastically with litter pickers and grey sacks. At the end of the clean up, I was asked to present all the children with free cinema tickets from a cinema at Five Ways as a “thank you” for their hard work. Meanwhile the Council’s Hit Squad turned up to take away all the litter and weeds which had been collected.  All in all, a successful enterprise!Aug 09 088

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