South Edgbaston PACT Meeting

Tonight I have been to the South Edgbaston PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting at Walker Hall, organised by the local police (F2 OCU).

There were some concerns about anti-social behaviour and graffiti, but most of the discussion was about various traffic issues – mainly parking and speeding.

A report had been carried out by the police into speeding in Wellington Rd – a known area for speeding and where I have taken part in community speed watch exercises before. This latest report showed that in one week 25,629 vehicles travelled along Wellington Rd (heading towards Bristol Rd) and 14,312 vehicles travelled along Wellington Rd (away from Bristol Rd). A high percentage were over the speed limit (59% travelling in one direction were over it) and the highest speed recorded was – wait for it – slightly over 90 mph. Yes, I did write 90 mph – and this is in a residential road pretty near the centre of Birmingham. What kind of person thinks that is a sensible speed to travel on such a road?

A number of potential solutions were discussed and I shall be reporting back to the next meeting on this subject.

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