Trinity Mirror Consultation

It’s a couple of months now since I first heard rumours that the Birmingham Post might go weekly (or bi-weekly) and that the Birmingham Mail might become a morning newspaper. As a long term reader of both papers, I was alarmed.

But now a consultation on the future of Birmingham’s biggest two newspapers has been announced in the press.  I sent a detailed response to the consultation on Thursday.

I understand the problems our local papers are facing. Local newspapers across the country are in a similar situation. However I don’t think making the Post a weekly newspaper is the answer.  Mail

I also don’t think Trinity Mirror’s other suggestion of turning the Mail into a morning paper is a good one. In the mornings, the Mail will face huge competition from all the national dailies (and the free papers given out on the way to work) which I think will threaten its long term future even more. 

The Mail’s readership  (and I have been a reader for nearly 40 years) like it precisely because it is an evening paper.  People buy it to read on the way home from work, they buy it AFTER they have read the morning papers,  they buy it because it is different from the morning papers.

And as I have suggested to Trinity Mirror in my response to their consultation, as well as keeping the Mail as an evening paper, why not revert to the old name of Evening Mail?  Trinity Mirror may have changed the name to Birmingham Mail, but old habits die hard. Many Brummies  still call our evening newspaper the Evening Mail (just like many of us still refer to  House of Fraser by its old name of  Rackhams!).  The Mail is a well loved Birmingham institution! I want to see it remain.

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