Changes To Harborne and Quinton Bus Service

In the past few weeks I have received several complaints from Quinton residents regarding the changes which have recently been made to the 004 bus service.

The service was previously operated by Ludlow’s who were recently taken over by the Rotala Group. All bus services owned by Rotala now operate as Diamond Buses (although the operator hasn’t actually changed as such).

From August 16th, Diamond registered a route change. The 004 previously ran from Harborne, via Quinton to Halesowen and Merry Hill so was useful for a number of people living in the Edgbaston constituency. Now the route terminates at Halesowen and many Quinton and Harborne residents are understandably upset about it.

Unfortunately, Centro will not step in to reinstate this leg of the service. This is because the loss of the Halesowen to Merry Hill part of the route doesn’t affect Centro’s access standards  (in other words, there are other buses which travel the same route so the people who live along that stretch have not lost their only bus service).

For commercial reasons, Diamond have found it necessary to make this change. Although the direct link from Harborne and Quinton to Merry Hill has gone, they say passengers can still get there by changing to another bus at Halesowen – for example to the 002 which goes from Weoley Castle to Merry Hill via Halesowen.

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