Update On Colston Health Centre

Over the weekend, I heard back from Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT re: their competition to find a name for the new health centre which will replace the existing Colston Health Centre on Bath Row (see earlier news story about this).

HOB say that the Colston Health Centre name will be included on the shortlist along with further options which may be suggested by patients or professionals.

They also explain that the replacement building will not be on the same site and will offer a larger range of services (which I and the complainants already knew) and they say they want to avoid confusion over the change in location (which I wouldn’t have thought was very likely).

HOB also say that if a different name is ultimately chosen for the new centre, they will ensure that a suitable way is found to continue Dr Colston’s link with health provision in the area of Ladywood and Edgbaston which is now known as Attwood Green.  I have reported this back to the patients who contacted me.

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