Building Schools For The Future

I’m not long home from tonight’s  Quinton Ward meeting – a Council Committee.

The main item on the agenda was the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) plans for Four Dwellings School, and the meeting was held at The Forum building on the site.

I raised concerns in the press about this matter in early August, when I discovered that the internet cafe, the neighbourhood office and possibly part of Quinzone, might be demolished because of  the plan to rebuild the primary school further west on the site than it currently is.

Since then, I have received assurances that the neighbourhood office  (pictured) and internet cafe WILL remain on the site – whether in their current buildings or different ones, and this reassurance was repeated at tonight’s meeting. The  meeting was also assured that  Quinzone  will also stay where it is.Aug 09 173

It was made quite clear that the detail of the plans is not final, opinions are still being listened to, and changes being made. Nevertheless, the main thrust of the plan currently is  to rebuild the primary school in an egg shaped building. Because it will be further west than the current primary school, rather than on the same piece of land,  it means that it can be built while the primary school pupils remain in their old building (so no decant will be necessary during the building process) and it can share catering facilities with the senior school. But how much further west it is, will determine whether the neighbourhood office and internet cafe can stay where they are or have to move. 

There was a long discussion on this item with lots of contributions from members of the public. The matter will be coming back to the Ward Committee in due course.

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