A Different View Of Edgbaston

Today Edgbaston Ward Conservatives went on a canal boat trip with lunch as a ward fund raiser. We started from the ICC – pictured.Sept 09 038

First we went around the Icknield Port Loop to the back of Edgbaston Reservoir, then back to the Mail Box and through Edgbaston (alongside Wheeleys Rd and Church Rd) to the winding hole at The Vale, Birmingham University (pictured).Sept 09 035

It was really interesting to see Edgbaston from a different viewpoint! As I’ve said before on this blog, organising fund raising events is an important part of what the Conservative Party does. We need the money to produce leaflets and fight elections. So a big thank you to everyone who came along on today’s canal boat cruise, and especially to our new Ward Chairman for organising such a great event!Sept 09 021

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