Bags Of Conservative Support At The Farmers' Market

Many thanks to all the helpers who came along to the Farmers’ Market in Harborne today to help me give out “Conservative” cotton shopping bags to the shoppers. Thanks as well to the member who kindly sourced the bags for me.Sept 09 082

It was a brilliantly hot day and there were lots of people at the market. In these tough economic times, shopping streets like Harborne’s are facing difficulties. An independent book shop and a long established ladies’ dress shop have closed this summer and today our organic food shop was closing down. John and I will miss the lovely cheese they sold.

I understand a Belgian Chocolate shop will be opening in the former dress shop and I look forward to that happening. Its awful to see empty, boarded up shops on our High Street but a sad sign of the situation the country is in thanks to Gordon Brown’s Labour Government.

The country needs a fresh start.  I lost count of the number of people today who said the General Election can’t come soon enough – and who also said they will be voting Conservative when it does .

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