World Car Free Day

Every Sept 22nd is World Car Free Day.  People are being encouraged to live without their cars for a day. I freely admit I could not have managed without my car this morning when I went to an event in Bartley Green Ward. I would have had to change buses several times and it would have taken a long time to get there and back – time I just didn’t have. However I did give a lift to someone else who didn’t have transport, so at least I was car sharing.

Home at lunch time though, and I have put the car away in the garage for the rest of the day. Shortly I shall be going into the city centre for some time in my office at The Council House, followed by the Council’s Edgbaston Constituency meeting this evening.Sept 09 164

I intend to follow Central Connect’s advice of “use it or lose it” and catch the No 10 into the city. Unfortunately, because the No 10 doesn’t run after 7.00pm, and because there is no other bus from the city centre which runs anywhere near my house, I shall have to get a lift home. But at least that means someone else will be car sharing too.

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