Paula Radcliffe Coming To Edgbaston

Tonight the Edgbaston Ward Committee was held at Woodview. Amongst the items was information about the Birmingham World Half Marathon which is taking place in the city on Sunday October 11th.

Last year, the half marathon race followed a winding route through Edgbaston. This year it is a world event, with a number of elite althletes taking part and therefore a faster and flatter route was chosen in the hope that world records may be broken.Sept 09 140

Edgbaston is still part of the race though and this year’s route will go down the Pershore Road.  Residents who live close to the route have been notified by letter of the arrangements.

200 of the top athletes in the world will be taking part with Paula Radcliffe running as part of the GB team.  The event is one of highlights of the athletics calendar and will be shown on TV.

The elite athletes will start at 9.00am with the large mass of competitors starting at 10.00am. Twelve and a half thousand competitors are expected and tonight’s meeting was told there are still some entry forms for runners available!

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