In The Diary Room At Birmingham Children's Hospital

Today, in my capacity as Chairman of the Health O & S Comittee, I was invited to speak at the launch of Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s “Children InTent – Shaping Our Future” consultation.

The title is a play on words – the consultation is about the future intent, but many of the consultation events are taking place in a tent which has been specially set up at the hospital.  After the speeches,  a former patient cut the ribbon to the tent so that everyone could go in and look around.

There are a number of photographs on the walls, showing a day and night in the life of the hospital. We also all saw a moving film showing more images of hospital life at BCH.Sept 09 315

As well as engaging with people in the normal ways, the Children’s InTent consultation has added an innovative new way of consulting – with a Big Brother style diary room.

I am sure this will be popular with staff, parents and patients alike. Certainly people were queueing up to voice their thoughts in the diary room at today’s launch, and I was one of those who sat in the chair and answered the questions put to me!

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