October Farmers' Market Street Stall

Today was the October Farmers’ Market in Harborne High Street. With Hallowe’en later this month, there were pumpkins on sale, and also a couple of pumpkin pictures decorating our street stall.

Many elderly people don’t like it when Trick or Treaters call. The local police in Quinton have recognised this by organising, in recent years, separate pensioners’ and teenagers’ parties on Halloween,  so that everyone can have fun with no-one getting upset or frightened.Oct 09 077

Following on the same theme, this year the local Conservatives have produced cards for Hallowe’en. The idea is that if you don’t want Trick or Treaters to call, you put the card in your front window or porch. If you are happy for them to call, then naturally you don’t display it.

The cards were an instant hit and we gave out almost 1,000 this morning. We had a large team of helpers including University students. Many thanks to everyone who came along!

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