Unemployment Continues To Rise

The latest unemployment figures show a rise in the unadjusted unemployment rate in 5 of the 8 core cities in September 2009.  People in Birmingham are really being hit during Labour’s recession. Our rate of 12.9% is now the highest of all core cities, worse even that Liverpool’s  (which previously had a higher rate than Birmingham).


35 of the 40 Birmingham wards saw a rise in umeployment in September 2009. That included three of the wards in the Edgbaston Constituency. Edgbaston’s unadjusted unemloyment rate rose to 9.3%, Harborne’s to 7.6% and Quinton’s to 10.7%.

Only Bartley Green Ward’s rate fell last month, to 11.5%. The highest unemployment rates in the city last month were recorded in Aston (30.2%) and Washwood Heath (30.1%)  That’s almost one in 3 people out of work in these wards – under a Labour Government.

Even worse is the fact that three quarters of September’s rise in Birmingham (820 of the 1,084 increase) was recorded in the 18-24 year old group. Labour is failing our young people.

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