KE Camp Hill Democracy Day

This morning I popped in to King Edward’s Camp Hill Boys Democracy Day event for year 13 students. I also visited last year and it is a very interesting all day event which forms part of the school’s citizenship curriculum.

The students formed a number of political parties and I arrived in time for the hustings event – where guests walk around the different campaign tables, quizzing the team members about their policies, whether they are workable and how they are going to fund them, etc.

While the voting took place, each guest joined a table for a democracy quiz.  There were a number of interesting questions on subjects as diverse as “spoiled” ballot papers, votes in Council meetings, voting in ancient Athens, propotional representation and compulsory voting.

It was an interesting morning, though I was slightly disappointed that no-one in my group was interested in getting involved with politics and some could not see the point of voting,  particularly in safe seats. I did my best to persuade them that voting DOES matter!

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