Ponies On The Ravenhurst Playing Fields

Sept 09 287The Ravenhurst Playing Fields in the middle of Harborne used to be a school sports field. Then they were let out to various other sports clubs etc.

In recent years, building has been threatened, although since the playing fields stopped being used for sport, they have become a haven for wildlife. Since August we have had new inhabitants – Welsh Cobs, including a stallion, a foal and several mares, some of which are apparently pregnant.

Despite only being 3 or 4 miles from the city centre, there have been other ponies  in Harborne over the years.  I can remember when there was a warning sign on the central reservation in Harborne Park Road telling horse riders to keep off. This was perhaps because there were ponies and or donkeys at various times in the field beside Bishop’s Croft and on the Metchley Estate (behind where the hall used to be).

But this is the first time  in recent history we have had ponies on the Ravenhurst Playing Fields.

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