Not In My Neighbourhood!

“Not In My Neighbourhood!” week is now in its third year and runs from  November 2nd to November 6th. It offers an opportunity for the police and partner agencies to highlight actions which are being taken in their local areas to help fight crime and anti-social behaviour.

Today I joined the Police,  Council officers and wardens, and Neighbourhood Watch representatives, at the constituency’s main “Not In My Neighbourhood!” event – a street stall outside Waitrose in Harborne High Street.Nov 09 079

Newsletters highlighting recent community safety projects were given out, and there were a number of community safety devices being given away free as well.  The Council’s Environmental Wardens were on hand, together with a large display showing various projects they are carried out in the area to deal with issues such as graffiti and litter.

Finally, residents were asked to fill in questionnaires asking them how safe they feel their neighbourhood is.

From the stall,  I went in to the Council House for this week’s Planning Committee.  At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman announced that they would be discussing the recent comments made about the committee by Edgbaston’s MP in the House of Commons, at the end of the meeting in the private session.

Then it was straight on to consideration of the application to build a new swimming pool in Harborne. I’m delighted to say that planning permission was granted – see today’s post in the News section of this website.

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