Question Time Takes The Biscuit!

This afternoon I was a guest on the panel at King Edward’s High School’s annual Question Time event, along with the Labour MP, a Lib Dem Councillor from Moseley, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, and a well known author of teenage books. This is the fourth time this event has been staged.2006_1127Image0016

As usual there were some topical and interesting questions from the girls, on such varied subjects as the choosing of Conservative candidates, the recession, Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, the war in Afghanistan, women in the workplace, and the plans to rebuild New Street Station.

After an hour and a half discussing these subjects, we got to the final question – a repeat of the one which floored Gordon Brown when he recently answered questions on the mumsnet internet site. Namely – “what is your favourite biscuit?”

I’m glad to say this question didn’t stump any of us (though 2 members of the panel admitted to not liking biscuits at all). I know exactly which is my favourite biscuit – but unfortunately it’s not made any more. It’s the dark chocolate Jacob’s Club biscuit which was called Golf. So if anyone from Jacob’s is reading this, please can you start making Golf biscuits again?

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