General Election Year

Happy New Year! And now we know for sure that the General Election WILL be this year. Two and a half years ago, it looked like it would be autumn 2007. But as we all know, Brown ditheredfor far too long, then made a complete mess of announcing there wasn’t going to be an election (telling only one journalist and thereby infuriating all the others), and has been on the back foot ever since.

However campaigning has continued relentlessly for the Conservatives in Edgbaston.  In 2008, we finally won back the last Council seat (in Quinton) when Cllr Peter Smallbone was elected.  The map below (which was on display in the Council House on local election night 2008) shows the four wards of the constituency (on the south west of the city) all solidly blue.  Below us,  the Northfield parliamentary constituency is solidly blue as well.

Back in 1997, the Conservatives were down to just 4 of the 12 Council seats in the Edgbaston parliamentary constituency. Since then we have fought our way back and only just missed out gaining the last seat in 2004. Having failed to do so then, we had to wait until 2008 for it to be contested again – and finally we got it.April 08 287

In various people’s suggestions for the new year, I see some are predicting it might be a year of two General Elections.  Personally, I don’t think it will be.

So will the 2010 General Election be May 6th, March 25th, earlier in March, June 3rd, or some other date? Only Gordon Brown knows, and after what happened in 2007, I suspect he’s still dithering about when to call it and will be dithering for quite a few more weeks to come! But whenever it is, I know the Conservative Association in Edgbaston will be ready!

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