We'll Cut The Deficit, Not The NHS

Today the Conservative Party has launched a poster campaign at 1,000 sites across the country. I joined Francis Maude MP  at the launch of one of the posters in our region.

As the poster says, Conservatives will “Cut The Deficit, Not The NHS”.

Jan 2010 053

Labour have left us a MASSIVE deficit – a staggering  178 billion.

The message is clear. We cannot go on like this.  David Cameron makes it plain – Conservatives WILL cut the deficit. But he also makes it plain that the NHS is his number one priority. He said so when he first became leader, and it remains his top priority.

One of the health problems in Birmingham is the inequality in outcomes between different parts of our city. It is a much quoted figure that a man in Ladywood can expect to die 10 years sooner than a man in parts of Sutton Coldfield – but they live less than ten miles apart. Twelve years of a Labour Government has not dealt with this vast inequality.

So it is good news for Birmingham that David Cameron announced today a Health Premium to target resources to the poorest communities. The health inequalities in Birmingham are apparent in other parts of the country too.  The inequalities in life expectancy and infant mortality between rich and poor have widened under Labour and are now as bad as in Victorian times.

That is a scandal which has to be dealt with. And so does the deficit which our Labour MPs have landed the country with.

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