Campaigning Mondays

As the General Election nears,  all political parties will be calling voters to seek their support.  This is done via the telephone as well as by the old fashioned method of knocking on doors.

Today I joined the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Eric Pickles MP, at a Call Centre which has already started phoning voters.Jan 2010 077

Last Monday I joined Francis Maude MP at the launch of the Conservatives’ latest poster campaign in the region. One of the posters  (below) is situated at the junction of Greenfield Road and the High Street in Harborne Ward.Jan 2010 074

The “We Can’t Go On Like This” line has really resonated with people – including those Labour MPs who tried to overthrow Gordon Brown last week.  The two main plotters used it in their email. If even Labour MPs don’t want Gordon Brown leading the country, why on earth do they imagine anyone else does?

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