One Edgbaston Video Clips

At the Council’s Edgbaston Constituency meeting on Monday evening, we saw some new video clips produced by the constituency.

There are 4 clips. One is about sports and leisure and the Be Active! programme, one about Young Readers, and two are on the subject of considerate parking, and the fines which can be given for inconsiderate parking – such as parking over someone’s drive  entrance (new regulations allow the Council – as opposed to the police – to give a £70 fine for this), on grass verges, and where a parked car causes obstruction to other road users or pedestrians (if there is no Traffic Regulation Order, these matters have to be dealt with by the police).

The video clips were very well received at Monday’s meeting. They are currently being shown on a continuous loop at Harborne Library and officers told the meeting they are hoping to get them shown on the screen at Harborne High Street Post Office as well and in locations such as Neighbourhood Offices and doctors’ surgeries.

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