The Guardian Visits Edgbaston

Last Friday John Harris and a team from The Guardian newspaper visited Edgbaston and interviewed the current MP and me.

The resulting film was posted on The Guardian’s website yesterday. Do take a look.  The film was also picked up yesterday by the Guido Fawkes political website 

The reason? The Guardian news crew discover that Edgbaston’s Labour MP has a poster of Gordon Brown on her office wall. Nothing unusual in that. She is a Labour MP after all and (according to the They Work For You website) has only rebelled 2.8% of the times she voted in Parliament since 2005 (24 times out of 855) – so is generally very loyal to her party. However the poster on Ms Stuart’s office wall is defaced and the Prime Minister is depicted with little horns drawn on his head.

To see the poster for yourself, take a look at the film. At the end, after a day spent in the constituency, The Guardian news crew conclude that the Conseratives are on course to win the seat. Many Conservative helpers were out working in the seat again today – both canvassing and leafletting – to try and make that happen.

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