Swimming Pool – Countdown To Closure

Last night’s Harborne Ward Committee was given details of the timetable rearding the impending closure of Harborne Pool. Whilst it’s obviously sad the pool will be closing, there has been such a clamour for a new pool in Harborne over the past few years, and the vast majority of people wanted it to be built on the current site, so the closure of the old pool before the replacement was built was inevitable.

Final approval will hopefully be obatined on January 29th, and the order placed on February 9th. The plan then is to close Harborne Pool and gyms at the end of the February half term holiday with the contractors starting on site on February 22nd.

Firstly fixtures and fittings which we want kept (including the decorative piece over the door, pictured) will be removed and soil testing etc. will have to be done. P1000018

Demolition should start in April and will take 10 weeks. The timetable therefore remains on target.

Plans are being made to move the swimming lessons to the pool at Shenley Court School (Bartley Green Ward) for the duration of the build, and for part of the fitness centre to be relocated to the Quinborne Centre on Ridgacre Road, Quinton. More on that in due course.

Meanwhile, if you want a swim in the old pool before it closes, there’s no time to lose!

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