High Speed Rail Conference

Today I’ve been two Health Tust Board Meetings to hear what they had to say on the subject of maternity services at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust which covers Sandwell Hospital and City Hospital on the Dudley Road.

Meanwhile John went to the High Speed Rail Conference at the ICC in Birmingham. As Leader of the Council, Harborne Cllr Mike Whitby, said in his introduction to the conference leaflet, Birmingham’s location in the centre of the country already puts us at the heart of the UK’s road and rail network. But high speed rail would take us into a whole new era.

It currently takes about one hour and 25 minutes to travel from Birmingham to London if you take the fastest train available. High speed rail would reduce the journey time to 40 minutes to Birmingham International (for the airport and NEC) and 46 minutes to Birmingham city centre. Brussels and Paris would be only three hours away from Birmingham.

High speed rail would also be a green mode of transport – possibly reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by around 1 million tonnes by 2055.

It’s an exciting prospect – and popular too. 78% of people in Britain apparently believe that high speed rail is essential for our future.

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