Tree Planting In Cannon Hill Park

Earlier this week I helped local school-children (they did the vast majority of the work!) plant some new trees in Cannon Hill Park.

Once again it was a Birmingham Trees For Life project . Birmingham Trees For Life is a joint venture between The Civic Society and Birmingham City Council. March 2010 050

Usually it is native oaks and beech which are planted at these events. However Cannon Hill Park is a more ornamental site. Orignally the land was Cannon Hill Meadows Farm but when it was gifted to the city by Louise Ryland, it was laid out as an ornamental park by John Gibson. It was opened in 1873 – making it one of Birmingham’s oldest (as well as one of the biggest) parks.

So this time, the trees chosen were more ornamental varities. The tree I’m pictured helping to plant is a Purple Maple.  In the picture below, a new Red Norway Maple can be seen on the left, together with a cedar on the right which  – so one of the event organisers told me  – is thought to be one of the original trees from when the park was laid out in the 1870s.March 2010 056

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