Strictly Chad Vale!

I started off today (the last day of term) with a visit to Chad Vale Primary School in Edgbaston – and it was a school visit with a difference!

The school is engaged in an unusual joint project between children from Chad Vale and children from neighbouring St George’s School in Plough and Harrow Road – and they are learning ballroom dancing with a professional dance teacher and his partner!March 2010 100

It was fascinating to watch the children going through their dances this morning. Apart from being accomplished in 6 different dances including the Rumba, Tango, Foxtrot and Swing, they were learning a seventh (the Waltz), and also practising for a competition which will be taking place in early May.

But as well as learning dancing, it was interesting how many other things they were picking up without even realising it – such as geometrical shapes (e.g. dancing in a square pattern), confidence, and good manners as they politely greet their new partner when they move on round the room.

An excellent class which I thoroughly enjoyed watching.  Many thanks to Chad Vale School for inviting me and for giving me permission to post this photograph on my website.

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