Asking The Climate Question

Tonight I joined  Edgbaston’s other Parliamentary Candidates on the panel at a Climate Change Hustings at the St Mary’s Church Centre in Vivian Road, Harborne. The event was one of 50 similar events which are being staged in constituencies around the country.  They are hosted by different organisations, and ours was arranged and hosted by the RSPB.April 2010 030

About 50 members of the public came along to pose questions about the environment, planning, transport, climate change and biodiversity. There were quite a lot of local issues raised and we ended up talking about the RSPB Big Birdwatch campaign and badgers in gardens – a subject which, coincidentally,  was also raised with me when I was canvassing this afternoon, in particular how to stop them digging up your lawn!

I was able to answer that from personal experience! You sprinkle peanuts on the lawn and the badgers eat the peanuts and don’t bother digging up the lawn to look for worms. It works, I’ve tried it! Not the usual kind of question I get asked when canvassing – but there’s never a dull moment when you’re electioneering!

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