Public Meeting On International Development

The Conservatives’ public meeting last night on International Development, held at the Walker Hall, Ampton Road, in Edgbaston attracted church leaders and local residents. The speaker was Andrew Mitchell, the Conservatives’ Shadow Spokesman on International Development, and I chaired the meeting.

Andrew gave a very in depth talk on the subject, and also answered a number of questions in a similarly in depth way.April 2010 127

Conservatives have made it clear that we will honour the commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on aid, and will ensure that our aid is transparent and properly targeted. We will spend at least £500 million a year to tackle malaria. Both the British people, and those who receive aid, will get more control over how it is spent. We will push for a trade deal which brings growth to the poorest countries, helps those countries adapt to climate change, and puts in place the building blocks of wealth creation. We will stop giving aid to China and Russia.

Andrew and I are pictured holding a copy of the Conservatives’ Green Paper, published in October 2009, entitled “One World Conservatism.”

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