Cleaning Up In Quinton

The beautiful weather continues and before we started campaigning today, 4 members of the Conservative campaign team were out doing a litter pick and clean up in Quinton.April 2010 227

The Conservative-led Council has poured extra resources into keeping our area clean and tidy – including a Hit Squad and apprentices. But the litter keeps on coming. I am disgusted that some people think it is acceptable to throw litter out of car windows, but they clearly do. Roundabouts and verges across the country are covered in the stuff.April 2010 236

Today we did a clear up around a roundabout on the junction of West Boulevard and Quinton Road West. Three bags of rubbish (bottles, cans, crisp packets, etc.) collected in three quarters on an hour. Unfortunately it will doubtless need doing again very soon.April 2010 231

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