Bus Changes In Edgbaston – No 20

The No 20 bus runs along Wheeleys Road in Edgbaston. Earlier in the spring I was contacted by a resident concerned that this bus service would be withdrawn, and it was raised with me during the recent election campaign too. However National Express representatives had told me in March that they were thinking of combining the route with the 636 from Quinton.

At my meeting last Monday, it was confirmed that this is indeed what is going to happen. The 636 will come from Halesowen, Quinton, and Harborne to the QE Hospital. It will then travel up Edgbaston Park Road and Wheeleys Road into the City Centre. So in future it will be the 636 which goes along Wheeleys Road and not the 20.

The route will be improved in several ways. There will be 3 buses an hour instead of 2, the buses will go to Upper Dean Street for the markets (instead of terminating in Hill Street as the 20 does currently) and the bus company is looking at the possibility of a Sunday service too.

As with all the Network South changes, the new service will commence on July 25th.

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