Bus Changes In Edgbaston – No 10

Last year I ran a vigorous and successful campaign to save the No 10 bus. Central Connect have taken over the route and they in turn ran a vigorous marketing campaign (including painting the buses in a smart new green livery) to persuade people to use the service.

Sadly, in the daytime, usage is still not high enough to make the service viable and it has been receiving a subsidy for some months now (the petition I oprganised last year requested Centro to subsidise the bus if necessary).

With the bus changes which are coming in on July 25th, Centro propose the following for the No 10.

During the rush hours the bus service will remain exactly it is now. However between 9.30 and 3.30 the bus will run a different route. It will go from Westbourne Road into Harborne Road, Harborne High Street, Lordswood Road and revert back to its normal route at Croftdown Road. This means Augustus Road and Gillhurst Road will be missed out.

However to compensate, the 647 which currently runs through Harborne and enters Gillhurst Road at the Ravenhurst Rd junction, will not in future turn left into Knightlow Road and go to Smethwick as it does now. It will carry on along Gillhurst Road, into Augustus and go to Five Ways where it will terminate (but from where it is relatively easy to get another bus into the city centre).

The 647 will run hourly. The change to the No 10 is not ideal, but I am pleased that the rush hour service is remaining, and that provision has been made for a day time bus service along Augustus Road – so that people who live in this part of Edgbaston Ward will still have access to a daytime bus service albeit not as good a service as they received with the No 10.

There will be an exhibition detailing the bus changes in Edgbaston in the Main Lobby of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Tuesday July 20th. The changes come into force on July 25th.

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