Need A & E? Think new QE!

In a few hours time,  at 2.00am on Wednesday June 16th, the A & E Department at Selly Oak Hospital transfers to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, in Edgbaston. Tomorrow the new hospital opens its doors to patients for the first time,  as the first phase of moving the current Selly Oak and QE Hopsitals to the new building gets under way. The move will not be completed finally until the autumn of 2011.

Overnight tonight 109 road signs across the city will be changed as signs to the old A & E at Selly Oak are taken down, and signs to the new A & E at the new QE are unveiled/erected.

All the emergency services know to take people to the correct destination and the air ambulance patients will be flown to the QEHB instead of Selly Oak from June 16th. They will land on the landing pad on top of the multi storey car park (pictured) from where they will be transferred by dedicated lift across to the hospital opposite.

Helicopters which transport injured military servicemen and women from Afghanistan will not be landing on the multi storey car park helipad. They will continue to land on the playing field beside the Women’s Hospital as they do currently.

Please remember the advice from the hospital:

From June 16th, don’t go to Selly Oak A & E by accident.

Need A & E? Think new QE!

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