Birmingham Food Fair!

This year Birmingham Council merged its Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee with its Adults and Communities Overview and Scrutiny, to make a new Health and Adults Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which I am chairing.

It is a committee with a big workload, and today was our first meeting of the new municipal year. We had a big agenda so the meeting lasted all day.

It was a lovely summer day so, during the lunch break, I went out for breath of fresh air in Victoria Square. Birmingham’s Food Fair (billed as the summer equivalent of the Frankfurt Christmas Market) was in full swing with  hundreds of office workers and shoppers enjoying lunch outside. There are plenty of food outlets to choose from including an Australian barbecue, Chinese noodles, Polish delicacies, plus food from the UK of course.

The place was really buzzing. It’s a great venue to eat lunch outside in the hot weather. The Food Fair runs until June 20th.

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