Upgrading Edgbaston’s Housing Stock

Work is currently taking place on Boundary House, and Century and Wickets Tower – all on the Priory Estate in Edgbaston.

Electrical wiring has been tested and remedial works carried out, flat entrance doors have been replaced with “secure by design” fire doors, and work is currently being carried out to replace the soil and vent pipes within the flats. Fire safety works are also being carried out to the communal areas.

New front doors in Boundary House

Funding has also been identified within the Housing Department’s Capital programme for this financial year, to commence the external refurbishment of these three blocks – including the windows. The only issue preventing the start of this work is the issue of a licence from Calthorpe Estates (the freeholder). However I am informed by the Housing Department that it is anticipated the licence will be finalised within the next few weeks.

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