Details Emerge Of The Pope’s Visit To Edgbaston

Details have been announced regarding the Pope’s planned visit to Edgbaston on September 19th. This will follow the huge open air mass at Cofton Park – where 70,000 people are expected.  The Cofton Park site is close to the cemetery in Rednal where Cardinal Newman was buried.

The mass starts at 10.00am on Sunday September 19th and when it is finished, the Pope will make a private visit to The Oratory in Edgbaston. (The Oratory has an Edgbaston postal address, but politically it is in Ladywood ward and Ladywood Constituency).

The open air Mass will include the Beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, and the Pope is visiting The Oratory as this is where Cardinal Newman lived between 1852 and 1890.

The Pope will be the first person to pray at the shrine for the newly created “Blessed” John Henry Newman. It is also planned for the Pope to visit the rooms Cardinal Newman used at The Oratory before moving on for lunch at St Mary’s College, Oscott.

At the end of a busy day, the Pope will fly from Birmingham International Airport back to Rome.

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