Green Sacks Go Clear

If you’vce received a roll of garden sacks from BCC recently, you’ll notice they’ve changed from green to clear. This is to assist collection staff to see the content – making sure that only green waste is being collected. (Anything else in the load will contaminate it.)

You can leave exactly the same waste in the new clear sacks as in the previous green ones. Please continue to leave the sacks open so they are easier to empty. If you still have green sacks left, then please use them up before going on to the new clear sacks.

Boards showing what to put in your different recycling containers

The new clear bags can be filled with grass, leaves, plants and weeds, hedge clippings, plus bush and tree prunings. If you have a a lot of large branches to get rid of, these should be tied and left beside the sacks.

The following should NOT be put into green or clear sacks – stones, soil, bricks, rubble, plastics, metal, chemics and treated wood, household or kitchen waste and large logs.

Japanese Knotweed must also NOT be put in green/clear sacks. If you live in Birmingham and want information on how to dispose of Japanese Knotweed properly, go to or phone 0121-303-1112

In Birmingham, collected green garden waste is composted and made into a soil improver which is used in garden and community schemes across the city.

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