Edgbaston Constituency Committee

Last night was the Council’s Edgbaston Constituency Committee meeting held in Rooms 3 & 4 at the Council House.

There were a number of items on the agenda. Our new Police Inspector was introduced to Councillors and Members of the Public. He will be based at Rose Road Police Station. The Edgbaston Police Station on the corner of Belgrave Middleway and Pershore Road continues to be the main station for our ward.

There were also a number of young people present who received certificates from Cllr Peter Hollingworth (the Father of the Chamber) for their attendance at the summer events which the constituency put on for young people during the school holidays. These were run from a number of locations in the constituency. In Edgbaston Ward they were based  out of the Benmore flat where the activities on offer included den making!

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