A Tale Of Two Milibands

So the Labour Party has elected a Leader who presumably thinks it’s okay to knife your brother in the back.  Yes, I know Ed professed his love for his brother, but – hey, actions speak louder than words.  His love didn’t stop him entering a contest which he knew his older brother had been waiting for and preparing for over several years – thereby scuppering his brother’s chances. It looks pretty mean to put it mildly.

Meanwhile Miliband D looks like Michael Portillo. He waited too long, not striking before the General Election when he had the chance. I wonder if he regrets that now, especially as I read in the papers that younger brother Ed was apparently one of those who persuaded David Miliband to wait. Ouch!

The election of Ed Miliband as Leader of the Labour Party leaves some rather silly Labour Councillors and activists looking even sillier – tweeting for months about what a brilliant Leader David Miliband will make and all the things the Labour Party are going to do under him.  Er…not now, they aren’t.

And what about Edgbaston’s Labour MP? She waited until practically every other Labour MP had said which candidate they were supporting before finally announcing she was going for David Miliband. Leaving it so late to declare gave the impression that she was waiting to see which way the wind was blowing before she spoke out – and yet STILL she managed to back the wrong horse!

You couldn’t make it up!

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