Rubbish Collection Rounds

The recent Edgbaston Ward meeting heard a presentation  about the Council’s plans to “tidy up” (excuse the pun) the rubbish and recycling collecting days in Edgbaston Ward.

Previously different parts of the ward have had different collections days – with all 5 days of the week being utilised in the ward – and, even worse, some people have had their black bags collected on one day of the week and their recycling on a different day. This has happened because Edgbaston Ward is dealt with by both Montague Street and Lifford Lanes Depots (because of its geographical position).

Changes To Collection Days In Edgbaston

In future all of Edgbaston will be dealt with on a Tuesday,  Wednesday and Friday (a different day for different parts of the ward) and the meeting was assured that everyone will have all their collections on the same day of the week in future.

All householders will be notified of any changes affecting them before the new collection days are introduced.

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