Grit Facts!

With the gritting of roads on everyone’s minds today, here are some more grit facts!

In Birmingham, the Council (and now Amey, who have taken over the duty) typically grit 40-50 times a year. There are 28 gritters based at Aston and each can carry seven tonnes of salt.

Not every road in the city can be gritted but 50% are under the Priority Scheme explained in yesterday's post.

Birmingham grits using rock salt which is mined from underground and then crushed up to resemble light brown gravel. After it’s been ground in by the traffic, it looks white on dry roads.

Spreading salt doesn’t stop the snow laying but it does help to melt it with the action of car tyres driving over it. 

Birmingham is also able to plough deep accumulations of snow. (Though thankfully, unlike some other parts of the country we haven’t had any of those yet this year). When we plough, for every 50mm of snow that falls in Birmingham, 1.4 million cubic metres of snow has to be cleared. That’s enough to fill the Rotunda 22 times over!

Many thanks to Birmingham City Council and Amey for these facts. Tomorrow, I’ll deal with the subject of grit bins.

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