Monthly Archives: January 2011

Latest Leaflet

Our latest In Touch leaflet is currently being delivered around the ward. If has lots of news from all across Edgbaston. If yours hasn’t been delivered yet, it should be popping through your letter box shortly.

Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend

This weekend is when people all across the country (as well as in Edgbaston) are taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch count of species they see visiting their gardens. I’ve done my count which included a nice flock of … Continue reading

Phoenix Rises From The Ashes Of The Firebird

The need for the old Firebird pub on the Benmore Estate to be demolished, was the very first story I put on this blog several years ago. But in the end, demolished it was, and now a new development called Phoenix … Continue reading

Fury At Constituency Meeting

At last night’s Edgbaston Constituency Committee there was fury from Quinton residents about the way Quinton had been portrayed in the local paper. And double fury that this had been picked up by Labour’s new Shadow Home Secretary in what … Continue reading

Harborne Walkway

Between Portland Road and Park Hill Road, the Harborne Walkway (the old Harborne railway line) forms the boundary between Harborne and Edgbaston Wards. Last Saturday Harborne Conservatives were out doing a litter pick on part of the walkway. Hopefully Edgbaston residents … Continue reading

Benmore And Woodview Leaflet

Yesterday we had a team out delivering our new leaflet especially for the Woodview and Benmore Estates (the parts of the ward which are part of Optima). If you live in one of these two areas,  and you haven’t had … Continue reading

New Windows On Priory Estate

Following on from my previous post about work done to improve Birmingham’s Council housing stock under the Decent Homes programme, now the tower blocks on the Priory Estate are getting their new windows. The first block to be done will … Continue reading

Decent Homes Update

In 2004, when the Conservative led partnership took over Birmingham (after 20 years of Labour rule) only 35% of the city’s housing stock reached the Decent Homes Standard. Now the figure is 98.6%. Getting our properties up to scratch has … Continue reading

24 Hour Twitter Feed From Local Police

Birmingham South Police have announced they will be providing a 24 hour rolling news feed of policing in our area on Thursday January 27th. Starting at 7.00am, the police will aim to provide an insight into the daily workings of … Continue reading

Hagley Road Extra Care Village

The Hagley Road Extra Care Village has moved a step closer with planning permission having been grantd last week. The retirement village will be on the site currently occupied by a number of derelict buildings such as the old Lambert … Continue reading